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Nowadays, it is easy to locate any place with the help of the internet. By simply searching for the address, you can see which part of the city is the place you’re looking for. Not only that, but you can also get directions using the various navigation apps and websites available. MyRouteOnline is a free and easy-to-use route planner that helps you save time, money, and fuel by helping you plan the best route possible. This app instantly converts your multiple addresses into a route plan, so you can get to your destinations within the shortest time. If you want to avoid getting lost in unfamiliar places, this app aims to help.

Optimize Your Routes

MyRouteOnline prides itself on providing you an easy way to map your locations. In fact, you can do so in just three easy steps. And it’s not just a single location, mind you. You can map as many as 350 addresses. You only need to import your address list from an excel spreadsheet, may it be stored in your computer or your Google Drive account. The app’s Excel wizard is user-friendly and uploads files in various formats. Be warned, though, as the upload may take time. More so, the app is sometimes not able to locate some of the addresses on your list. If you are only mapping a few locations, you can simply type the address directly in the app.

Once your address list is successfully uploaded, you can start planning your route. You can optimize your plan by time or distance to get the fastest or shortest route. You can also map the route in the same order you entered all addresses. MyRouteOnline gives you the freedom to find a way that works for you. You can even get multiple stops driving directions.

Lastly, you can export your routes to your GPS to get a live map with all the directions. You can connect the route to your smartphone or print it out with turn-by-turn driving directions in different languages.

Helpful with a Few Drawbacks

If you are in a business wherein you deliver your goods, then having a route planning software is handy. And MyRouteOnline can deliver the service that you are looking for. The fact that it allows you to plan the route of hundreds of different addresses is enough to help you make the switch. More, you can optimize your plans so that you get the fastest route possible.

However, before you ditch your map app, you need to consider these caveats. As mentioned, the app can sometimes fail to recognize addresses. And sometimes, the app just not marks it as something they cannot locate. Instead, it takes you to a different address. More so, there is no way to mark an address as a permanent start or end.

Additionally, the route that the app maps sometimes is not the best route. But do not worry, though, as you can move the address up and down the list easily. However, if you decided to change one of the stops, the app may move it to another position than where you intend it to be. Lastly, MyRouteOnline sometimes freezes when you are mapping a much larger route. More, it sometimes fails to plan your route when the distance is very far. 

Good for Delivery Business

MyRouteOnline is a promising application, especially for enterprises that deliver their goods and services to people. By allowing you to map hundreds of addresses, you can easily plan how your drivers will go their way. As it is, though, there are still some aspects of the app that needs polishing. But, if you are looking for a mapping program that works, this one is worth checking out. 

Free Route Planner MyRouteOnline is designed for all users

MyRouteOnline is an easy to use route planner that helps save time, fuel and money by helping you plan the best route possible. Routing software that instantly turns multiple addresses into a route plan. Route planning software to optimize multiple deliveries (pick-up or drop-off), service routes, or home-visits. Easy, fast and reliable. Online route planning goes far beyond paper maps or a GPS system, it is the only way to find an optimal route.

MyRouteOnline is an online Route Planner that instantly turns multiple addresses into a route plan. Our route planner can plan multiple deliveries, service routes, travel routes or home-visits in seconds. It's easy, fast and reliable. Our easy to use route planner was designed by professionals who understand the routing and scheduling business. Our route planner is a web-based service that will help you save the time you spend on route planning.


  • Allows users to map up to 350 addresses
  • Lets you save your previously mapped routes
  • Optimizes your map to get the shortest and fastest route possible
  • Allows users to edit routes


  • Importing the address takes time
  • Sometimes fail to recognize and locate addresses
  • Requires a working knowledge of Excel
  • Sometimes unable to plan route for farther locations

Program available in other languages

Free Route Planner MyRouteOnline for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.8
  • 2.5
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  • Security Status

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